Excel Development

We develop Excel based solutions for our customers. We develop everything from simple Excel templates to advanced systems that interact with databases and ERP-systems. We also help your company maintain your existing Excel solutions.

We Develop Excel Based Solutions

We develop IT-solutions where the end user will be working in the Excel interface. There are strong reasons to why Excel is a great tool for creating customized IT-solutions:

  • The users have access to the rich functionality of Excel. Users of other systems often export to Excel to analyze their data. When users are already working in an Excel they have access to the power and flexibility of Excel immediately.
  • End users are used to working in the Excel interface. This means that they can get started with the new solution quickly.
  • Our Excel Developers can use Excel’s built in functionality to develop solutions faster and at lower cost than if other technologies were used.

Complementary Technologies

We develop solutions where the end user will be working in the Excel interface. But under the hood we can use technologies that complement Excel and VBA. We may use technologies such as Access, SQL Server, SharePoint, OLAP, C# and XML. However, the majority of our projects only require Excel and VBA.

Excel, VBA, Access, SQL Server, OLAP, C#, XML

Business Minded Excel Consultants

Excel Department has its roots in management consulting and project management. Thanks to this heritage we are business minded Excel consultants. Our objective is always to create solutions to your business problems. We can work together with your team to define both business needs and technical needs.

Some of Our Clients

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We Develop Solutions to Your Business Problems

Contact our Excel Consultants for Excel Development. We will provide you with a free estimate or quotation. Our staff speaks English and Swedish.
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