About Us

Use the Full Potential of Excel

Excel Department was founded because we saw how much better companies and departments can run if they have access to a dedicated Excel Department. Excel is between IT and business. Excel is often used to create custom solutions to unique business problems and to create light solutions to business needs. Companies need access to dedicated Excel experts that produce high quality technical solutions and know about business.

By utilizing the full potential of Excel, companies can:

  • Save time
  • Avoid expensive mistakes
  • Make better data based decisions
  • Create better IT support for their business processes

Long-Term Supplier of Excel Support

Excel Department offers a full service of support within Excel. We make our money by having satisfied and returning customers. We get satisfied and returning customers by creating high quality solutions that provide real long term value to our customers. We are a long-term full service provider of Excel support.


Do you want to work at Excel Department? Send an email to info@exceldepartment.se and tell us about yourself.